House of Lungula Pushes The Envelope With Another First

Our film industry does not see a lot of major action. Once in a while a good film drops and we go on and on about it, usually for too long, until the next one comes. I cannot, however, fail to notice that the few films that have been theatrically released have generally crossed new boundaries and given an indication of the promising future of the Kenyan film industry.

Gerald Langiri(L) AND Liz Njagah(R) in a photo op with a fan during the launch of House Of Lungula DVD at Mo Movies, Prestige Plaza in Nairobi
Gerald Langiri(L) AND Liz Njagah(R) in a photo op with a fan during the launch of House Of Lungula DVD at Mo Movies, Prestige Plaza in Nairobi

  After giving Kenya its first ever sex comedy, filmmaker Alexandros Konstantaras has decided to go one better and deliver the first ever Kenyan film on DVD with language selection. The language options include Luo and Kikuyu and this is sure to be a a major talking point not only about this film but also about the exploration of this inclusion by other filmmakers going forward. According Konstantaras, they arrived at the choice of Luo and Kikuyu based on advice of the distributor who has a bigger network within locations where those two tribes are. Produced by Historia Films, House of Lungula, which had fair success in the cinemas earlier in the year, was launched on DVD on the 9th of August at Mo Movies. The event also set itself apart by having the cast available for photo ops with the fans that turned up to buy the film.

I have to salute the timing of the launch coming hot on the heels of the Kalasha Awards where House of Lungula bagged both the Best Script Award and Best Supporting actor for Gerald Langiri. The film featured an ensemble of stars that included Kostantaras’s wife and experienced actress Liz Njagah, Ian Mbugua, Sarah Hassan, Gerald Langiri and Nice Githinji among others.

This is the new and fresh direction the industry is going that has gotten a Kenyan film enthusiast like me super excited. The onus, and the pressure is now on Historia films, to push it further and achieve another milestone with their next sex comedy, Fundi-mentals, (now in post production). They have set the bar, now the real work is ensuring they stay on top of it.IMG_3577[1] House of Lungula is retailing at Mo Movies, Prestige Plaza, Ngong Rd and later will also be availabale at Text Book Centre.


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