Get Some Money Review

Title :         Get Some Money

Director: Biko Nyongesa

Writer:     Biko Nyongesa

Length:     7 minutes

Another Jesus film. But not exactly like you were told in Sunday school. Biko Nyongesa’s third short not only focuses on the Judas perspective, but also upsets the cart on so many levels it will have all you conservatives getting your holy books in a twist.

The story focuses on the events leading to Judas hanging himself with the film actually being part of a campaign against suicides. Being sort of a parody, the events take place in locations like Ghetto Semane and there is actually a love triangle involving Judas, Ticha (Jesus) and Magda (Mary Magdalene)!

Finishing 3rd runners up at the Machawood Festival was actually an injustice for such ground-breaking work in the Kenyan film scene. The film is breathtakingly fresh in its impeccably compelling cinematography and its clever employment of symbolism so brilliantly executed it makes you feel hyper intelligent when you get it. Few Kenyan films will make you feel like this. The music complimented the film well with catchy Kamba lyrics. However, you are left a bit confused when you are shown establishing shots of bright city light, symbols of urban modernity, but up close all you see is traditional tin lamps and people clothed in ancient robes.

This is a film for intelligent, open-minded people with a sense of humor. This is the group that can handle the sheer bravery with which the film tackles its main theme considering Kenya is still a very religious country. Hands down my best Kenyan film of 2015.



3 thoughts on “Get Some Money Review

  1. Booom . What a time to be alive. Kenyan Film mindsets telling a story that questions everything we have grown up believing in and still reminds us about God’s sense of humour in us. Thanks to Art believers like Machaeood and creative leadership that believe in Art Africa’s story will be told.

    Africa is a planet, Weal.



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