The R-Evolution in Kenyan Film Is Here!

The revolution is here. It will not be televised. It will be on the silver screen. Of course we are not dead to the fact that it came too late, just let us, for now, look at the positive side; that it is finally happening. Our film scene desperately needed an injection of fresh-thinking, young... Continue Reading →


What Angles?

Film        : Angles of My Face Director  :Manu Maina Writer     :Alice Kombani Cast        :Alexander Owiti, Esther Gicheha, Malik Kombani, Sylvia Wanjiru It was one of those rare times I get to hear that a Kenyan movie is showing at Imax. I had to see it. This is a directorial debut by Manu... Continue Reading →

Riverwood Oscars

The Riverwood fraternity gathered at a lavish ceremony (by Riverwood standards) to mark the second annual Riverwood Academy Awards at the garden of the Alliance Francais in Nairobi. I missed last year's and I had never attended A Riverwood event before so I was pretty curious.As I approached the venue, I met part of the... Continue Reading →

Strength of a Woman : Movie Review

Title :        Strength of  woman Writer:      Manasseh Chege Director: Gilbert Lukalia Starring:    Rose Njoroge, Ashford Kirimi, Leila Laura Wangari The expectations I place in a movie I'm about to watch is usually so great, almost to a fault. The feeling of being lured into someone else's shoes and consequently shouldering their burdens, embracing their fears... Continue Reading →

Festival Review: Udada Festival

This past week I experienced something rare. I, a man, got to see the world through the eyes of women. I got to see firsthand their fears and hopes, their struggles and victories. All this was in the course of the just concluded inaugural Udada Film Festival. The festival, held in Nairobi, is dedicated to... Continue Reading →

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