Just In Case You’re Thinking of Becoming a Film Critic in Kenya 

It's tough staying relevant as a film critic in Kenya. Especially since I focus exclusively on Kenyan films. Kenyan films are rare. I simply have no films to review (check the date of my last review). Let me clarify this. I only review films that I know are available to the general public because I would... Continue Reading →


Where Kenya Gets The Script Wrong

"It all starts with the script" Not in Kenya. Here it generally starts with equipment, a crew, an opportunity to make some money...anything but the script. When everything has been assembled (crew and equipment) now people will look for a script, any script will do. See, in our TV sector there has been a malignant... Continue Reading →

Do You Really Need Film School?

You get into a Kenyan university to study film pretty sure you want to be the next Wanuri. Oh sorry, you haven’t seen any of her works yet, have you? OK, insert the name of your favorite Hollywood director. You sit through dozens of classes, sweat through countless practicals, maneuvering through a system where you... Continue Reading →

Get Some Money Review

Title :         Get Some Money Director: Biko Nyongesa Writer:     Biko Nyongesa Length:     7 minutes Another Jesus film. But not exactly the narrative you got from Sunday school. Biko Nyongesa’s third short not only focuses on the Judas perspective, but also upsets the cart on so many levels it will have all you conservatives getting your... Continue Reading →

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